Oso Bay Ranch
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Oso Bay Ranch

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Oso Bay Ranch

Ranch Lifestyle With A City Address

Option 1:
Beautiful Home with Full 25 Acres
$1,995,000, New Asking Price

$2,485,000, Original Asking Price

Option 2:
Beautiful Home with 8 Waterfront Acres
$1,150,000, New Asking Price

$1,350,000, Original Asking Price

It’s a rare thing in this life to truly get the best of both worlds, but that is undoubtedly what Oso Bay Ranch offers, the best of both worlds.  It’s about 25 acres tucked away on the east side of the Cayo del Oso Bay in the Flour Bluff community of Corpus Christi.  Oso Bay Ranch offers an elaborate and expansive home of well over 5,000 square feet in a peaceful well-manicured country setting.  There is paved road access to the ranch, over 650’ of private shoreline along Oso Bay, and it’s literally minutes to the modern conveniences of city life.   Whether your past time is fishing, riding horses, or just getting your hands dirty in the garden this ranch offers the ability to do it without a cumbersome drive. 

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Go ahead…dream about walking out on your pier, spending some time with your grandson on the tractor, or just barbequing  on the rear patio with a close group of friends as you watch the waves roll across the Bay…